Garden Club

Welcome all to the new and improved Environmental Club. The school gardening group has been reinventing themselves as we are out with the old and in with the new. How can you help us, you might be asking yourselves? Well, we are in desperate need of soil to fill our kindly donated garden beds. Thank you to Beacon construction for their generous donation and delivery of beds, as well as Michelle and James who volunteered their time to prepare the garden for planting. However, we STILL need soil! Any donations would be appreciated. Please see Miss Powell or Miss Coon for information.

Environment Club are keen to plant a range of seasonal vegetables, such as corn, zucchini and cucumber. Last year,  we sold over $100.00 in produce at the school vegetable stall, which raised money to purchase materials for the new flower box.   The Squatting Frog Nursery kindly donated a variety of seedlings, which sprouted into broccoli, and white and red cabbage. I wonder what we will plant this year.

What can you do to be a green thumb like us? July 30th is National Tree Day. At school, Environment Club will be participating by planting new seedlings. Last year, we planted a lemon and orange tree to stand with our existing mandarin tree. Currently, the Environment Club are working very hard at lunch times to clean up the weeds. You could join in on National Tree Day by . 

Stay Green