Aussie of the Month

Nadia Grade 2A
Nadia Grade 2A

Nadia is a kind, quiet and thoughtful class member, who always displays beautiful manners. She always tries her best in all areas of her schooling.  Nadia is an attentive listener who always shows mutual respect to those around her.  She is an excellent role model to both the children in our grade and other children in the school.  Nadia gets along with everyone and is a great friend to all her peers.She is an excellent member of a team.  Nadia is extremely helpful both in the classroom and out in the playground.  She displays a positive attitude at all times. Nadia is well organised and is always keen to help others when they are in need.

Tanna Grade 2B
Tanna Grade 2B
Tanna is a hardworking girl with an inquisitive mind and is not afraid to ask questions. She’s always ready to help others and is a big help to her teacher in the classroom. Tanna is friendly and supportive. She demonstrates fantastic social skills inside and outside of the classroom.  Tanna is always cheerful. She is a delightful member of the class.

Pyjama Day

The Preps have learnt the letter ‘p’ this week. Coming to school in our pyjamas was a thrill and then cooking pancakes with butter and jam made the day even better. Wearing our pyjamas was so much fun and comfortable too! Not only did the Preps participate, but everyone else at school also got to wear their pjs!

Even a few onesies were seen being worn! ‘P’ week has been p, p, perfect!



Prep A and Prep B started PMP (Perceptual Motor Program).  We practiced eye-tracking, heel and toe walk, jumping and landing with two feet and bouncing and rolling the ball.  The parent helpers were fantastic and we all had a lot of fun.  We can’t wait for next week when we do PMP again!

House Athletics Carnival

We held our annual House Athletics Carnival for students in Grade 3 to 6 on Thursday 17th July at Casey Fields. As we all know, Melbourne weather can be very unpredictable and can change from rain to sunshine quickly, however we managed to struggle through and made the most out of the freezing cold weather! Congratulations to all the students who attended and gave their best effort and simply just got on with the job! A huge thank you to the parents, teachers and SEDA students who helped out to run all the events!! I know it’s a huge effort to rearrange your day or take time off work to help out and to have to do it on such a cold day! I realise this is a big ask, and I greatly appreciate it!! Without your support these events would not be able to run! The overall results were very close between each House and the results were as follows: 1st – Robinson, 2nd – Rae, 3rd – Troup and 4th- Kerr. I will now use the results from this day to form our school team which will compete at the District Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 27th August at Knox Athletics Track.

Rae - 170714


Welcome to Narre Warren North Primary School

Narre Warren North Primary School is located in a developing, yet semi-rural setting within the City of Casey. We have an extremely supportive community with high levels of family involvement.

We are committed to maximising the educational opportunities for all students and we aim to help all children reach their full potential.

Student welfare is recognised as vital for productive learning and our comprehensive Social Skill program enables students to take responsibility for their learning, while developing life-long skills.

Striving for continuous improvement and living each day according to our shared values is the challenge we have adopted for ourselves.


Narre Warren North Primary School aims for all children to reach their full potential.


Narre Warren North Primary School works as a supportive learning community where all students are motivated and challenged to take responsibility for their own learning.


Acceptance; Enthusiasm; Respect; Resilience; Co-operation; Honesty; Responsibility