Performing Arts classes cover the areas of music, drama and dance. Students learn and apply skills in these areas so they can understand them better. For example, students learn simple choreography and then create a set of dance moves for themselves. This aspect of creation also gives a great sense of ownership and pride. Students have been focussing on music in Term 1, including reading, playing and singing. This includes works by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Timmy Trumpet and ACDC as well as more traditional and silly tunes for younger students.

In TermĀ 2 we have had a major focus on dance in preparation for the upcoming school concert. Students have been gaining confidence learning, creating and performing dances to songs from around the world as well as their own. Performing Arts classes are fantastic for:

  • Getting Braver
  • Having Fun
  • Learning Awesome Skills
  • Improved Bodily Control and Awareness

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