School Council

School Council comprises of a group of parents and staff, who work collaboratively to set educational policy for the school. School Council’s major roles and responsibilities are:

  • Deciding on major directions of the school program

  • Representing the school in reaching an agreement with the Department on the School Strategic Plan

  • Determining the education policy, goals and priorities of the school within the framework of the School Strategic Plan

  • Approving the school budget which includes locally raised funds, consistent with the School Strategic Plan

  • Maintaining and improving the school buildings and the school grounds

  • Reporting annually to the school community and to the Department

  • Employment of non-teaching staff

  • Stimulating interest in the school generally

School Council meet regularly and base their decision making on the work of its various sub-committees –

  • Finance

  • Curriculum

  • Parents & Friends

  • Promoting our School

All members of the school community are welcome to attend and observe any of these meetings.