Students in Grades 3 and 4 have been practising hard this term to build their reading stamina through the CAFÉ Reading Program. They have developed good reading behaviours when reading to self or someone. Students have been introduced to a range of reading strategies during our CAFÉ lessons and have also been allocated an individual reading strategy through conferencing with the teacher.

This term, students have been analysing the structure of narrative and persuasive texts and using these to write for a range of audiences. They have learned how to add tension and suspense to the complication of their narrative and resolve it in an exciting way using elements such as plot twists. They have applied the OREO method to their persuasive writing to come up with convincing reasons and evidence to support their opinions. Our grammar focus for Term 1 has been on sentence structure and paragraphing.

In oral language, students have continued to develop their speaking and listening skills through a range of barrier games. They have also improved their confidence when speaking in front of an audience during our debates.

Students in Grades 3 and 4 work in ability based groups for Number. They began the term learning about place value including how to read, write, model and order numbers of various sizes, as well as identify odd and even numbers, prime and composite numbers and number sequences. Students have also learned about mental and written strategies for addition including the jump, split and compensation strategies, as well as vertical addition with trading.

In other areas of maths, students have learned about reading and recording analogue, digital and 24 hour times. They also collected data using surveys and graphed their results using pictographs and column graphs.

Our Term 1 theme for Inquiry is ‘Community’. The students in Grades 3 and 4 have been learning about the culture and beliefs of traditional Aboriginal communities. They have used Google Maps to investigate different Australian landscapes, the resources that may have been available to Aboriginal communities living in these areas and the impact that this would have on their lifestyle. Students have used their Multiple Intelligences to learn about the Dreamtime and listen to a range of Dreamtime stories. They have also learned about early European explorers, including James Cook, and the impact that their arrival had on Aboriginal communities in Australia.