Beginning Term 2, the 5/6 cohort is exploring a new Writing program called VOICES. This program focuses on the individual elements of Writing which are categorised into 6 headings; Voice, Organisation, Ideas, Conventions, Excellent Word Choice and Sentence Fluency. We have begun by investigating these elements through writing ANZAC pieces. The program focuses on students writing in small bursts to practise the elements, with one Big Write per week where students can apply the skills in a holistic manner.

Students are continuing to work on the CAFE reading strategies. Students have been provided with an individual reading strategy to focus on independently and at home. Please continue to encourage and support your children at home. A strategy slip will be sent home each time your child has a new individual reading strategy.

The first half of Term 2 will see the Grade 5s preparing for NAPLAN. We wish them every success and understand that this is only a small measure of their wonderful capabilities.


We have started Term 2 off with some problem solving strategies. Students have practised making lists, working backwards and finding patterns in problems. Our Number lessons will focus on using written and mental strategies involving the four operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. In Measurement and Geometry students will be working towards creating a robot made from a range of 3D objects. We aim for these to be presented during Education Week. We will then move onto Volume, Capacity and Mass.


Our Inquiry focus this term surrounds Australian History. The unit ‘Museums in Motion’ will engulf students in an exploration of the events that shaped Australia. This will culminate into a diorama and performance that we will invite the community to come and enjoy!


The Grade 5/6 teachers will be running Physical Education for Term 2. We will be focusing on Tennis, Badminton, Volleystars and Athletics in preparation for the Athletics Carnival at the beginning of Term 3. Selected students will also be participating in Interschool Sports beginning in Week 2 of Term 2. We also have the St Margaret’s Netball Tournament and Senior Hoop Time to look forward too.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful and busy Term 2!

Grade 5/6 Teachers