Inquiry Topic Focus for Term 2 – Change

When we are curious about our past we find out things that help us understand the way we live now.

Students will be more aware of the impact of the past on their present and future lives. They will be more prepared to question and appreciate the world around them.

They will be finding answers to these essential questions:

  • In what ways can we explore the past?
  • What are the skills I need to be curious?

Through exposure to the various aspects of the past, the students will learn the differences of living in the past to the present. We will compare and contrast family living and expectations on gender roles and stereotypes, everyday living, different technology and when different stores and food chains were established. We are excited to visit Coal Creek for an excursion this term to further strengthen the students’ idea of what it may have been like living in the past.



This term will be spent continuing establishing routines for CAFÉ in the classroom. The children will be practising Read to Self and Read to Someone and building their reading stamina.

Teachers will explicitly teach the CAFÉ strategies in each area of reading. Students will work towards building their Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding their vocabularies. This is taught through whole class instruction and the students can work together to perfect these skills in reading.

Students have received their individual strategies and will practice these skills each morning. The teachers will conference with each student one-on-one and also in strategy groups to give the students the best chance to practice their own reading strategy and develop deeper understanding of texts.



Maths Streaming will continue this term, where the children will work across the Grade 1 and 2 grades in the area of Number. Students will be placed in ability based groups, based on Pre-Test results.

Term 2 Number Focus: Addition and Subtraction

Term 2 Measurement and Geometry Focus:  Shape

Term 2 Statistics and Probability: Gathering Data and Interpreting Data and chance and data.

The children will also be explicitly taught strategies in how to problem solve different mathematical questions.


The children in Grade 1 and 2 will be participating in the SMART Spelling program to build their spelling skills. Students will receive a spelling sound and differentiated leveled words that contain that particular sound. Students are able to choose their spelling words and work on learning how to spell them in various hands on activities throughout the week. Monday will be the explicit teaching of this sound and Friday the students will be tested. There may be new words added to ensure students are able to use that sound. Grade 1 have also streamed the SMART spelling program to suits all students levels and needs.

Social Skills

Social skills are taught and discussed on a regular basis. We pride at our focus in this area and the need for students to have strong and positive social skills. The following social skills areas taught this term will be:

  • Relationship/Friendship building skills
  • Resilience – What is it and how do we show it?
  • Respect – What is it and how do we show it?
  • Collaboration – How do we work together? How do I be a good member of a team?

Growth Mindset

Our focus this term is to grow our students positive self-thinking. We want our students yo believe their abilities and skills can be developed through dedication and hard work. This builds students resilience and persistence when challenged. We encourage our students to accept things may be a challenge, however we can use positive self-talk and motivation to build success.

The students will learn how to build their own positive self-thinking and how to support others in a safe learning environment.