This term we have a lot of exciting projects coming up.

Our foundation students will be working on repetition and patterns, using different tools and paint to create images. We will be off to the circus in class, creating unique clown collages and painted lions. Maybe we will bump into the elephants as well.

Our Grade 1 and 2 students will be completing artist studies on Mondrian and Diana Beltran Herrara as well as looking at the Impressionists. There will be more clay pieces on the way, as well as Mandalas, sewing and painting. So, make sure your children are sent to school with an art smock.

Grade 3 and 4 students are beginning the term, immersed in the construction of 3D sculptures. They will learn the art of skeleton frame building, before layering up their personalised creations with Modroc (a plaster bandage). From there we will be looking at the story of ‘The Giant Sandwich’ and creating some very unique and layered images. Hand sewing will also be completed, as we work on more pieces for our giant mural and create small potted everlasting plants.

For our senior school, this term begins with the construction of ‘Tribal Warrior’ collages. Using clay and other collaged elements, students will build up a body form and dress the person appropriately to suit the theme. Following this, the students are then given a choice of proceeding with a planned curriculum or choosing a topic of their choice. If they choose the self-directed option, the students will be required to research and plan for their art piece, ensure materials are available and document progression each week. It will be lovely to see them explore the many facets of art, some choosing to look at photography, sewing machine made goods, sculptures, digital art, fabric dying, expanding drawing skills, painting on canvases and 3D forms. Keep your eyes posted on the blog over the term, to see how they are progressing.