Grade 5/6 look forward to another exciting term! Term 3 sees us investigating business ideas and creating budgets through the Connections unit ‘Data & Decisions’. Students will be exploring the difference between needs and wants, types of resources we have and how we use them, the nature and meaning of work and they will endeavour to create a business plan!

In Mathematics Number, we will be starting the term by developing students’ skills in using written strategies to solve division equations. Looking at both short and long division, calculating the square and cube root of given numbers and simplifying, expand and solving algebraic equations. We will then move onto fractions and decimals, before we move into money and financial matters, which will tie in nicely to our Inquiry unit.  In other areas of Mathematics, we will be investigating length through a problem based project. Students will also explore the notion of chance and look at representing outcomes as fractions, decimals and percentages. We finish the term with Measurement and Geometry, location and using a grid reference system.

We will continue with learning about writing features as part of our VOICES program. Our focus for this term is on Poetry. Students will create various prose including limericks, couplets, odes and Haiku. We will also give the students the opportunity to use their writing skills to tie in with various Inquiry ideas including writing about a resource we want at our school but don’t have. In our CAFÉ reading program, we will put an emphasis on expanding student vocabulary and further extending their concept of comprehension with more complex texts.

Our Social and Emotional Learning will continue to emphasize Growth Mindset as well as taking a closer look at, and unpacking our school values. Students will participate in activities, games and tasks on one value per fortnight, starting with Respect.

Students will conduct research on different elements of Indonesian culture and language and represent their findings in a calendar.

We will once again teach Performing Arts as part of our classroom curriculum and involve students in dance, drama and music through a range of engaging, fun and educational games, activities and role plays!

We have had an outstanding start to 2018 and we look forward to an even more exciting semester 2!

Thank you,

Grade 5 & 6 Teachers