Term 3

This term we will be focussing on improving drawing, collage and painting skills.

Our foundation students will be learning about layering papers and creating collages while improving cutting and fine motor skills. It will be back to the basics, with the exploration of hands as tools, as we create finger paintings and printing masterpieces.

Our junior students will be looking at the traditional art of weaving. Looking at the historical foundations of weaving and creating both paper and thread looms. Then it will be off to the runway with the exploration of ‘fashion as art’ as the students will become budding designers and critics.  Media art will also make an appearance, as students look at ‘computer game’ and digital art works.

Grade 3 and 4 will be focussing on improving their sewing techniques, creating an ‘everlasting pot plant’. This will consolidate their sewing skills, prior to completing more pieces for the communal textile garden art piece. Using fluoro oil pastels, students will also create some exciting new drawings, while also increasing their knowledge of art analysis through a complete study of the ‘Elements of Art’.

Our senior school students will be focussing on improving their drawing skills and will be given detailed drawing exercises to improve their focus, line work application and accuracy. They will complete printmaking pieces, which will incorporate elements of geometric Islamic art and use hand tools to create wire insects and arachnids.