Grade 3 and 4


Students in Grades 3 and 4 will continue to build their reading stamina through the C.A.F.É Reading Program with Read to Self and Read to Someone. We will revisit the skills of being an effective coach through Read to Someone.

Students will be covering the following reading strategies during Term 3:


  • Distinguishing between facts and opinion.
  • Interpreting figurative language
  • Drawing conclusions and making inferences.
  • Making predictions.
  • Identifying the author’s purpose.


  • Monitor and self-correct errors.
  • Chunk and blend.


  • Pay attention to punctuation.
  • Emphasise certain words.
  • Change style and pace to reflect purpose.
  • Use character voices for dialogue.

Expand Vocabulary:

  • Use a dictionary to define words.
  • Use a glossary to define words.

Students will continue to work on their individual strategy.

This term, students will be commencing a new Writing Program that we are trialling in Grade 3 and 4. This program has a similar structure to C.A.F.É and will focus on the individual strategies that students need to write effectively. The text types we will be examining are Biographies, Information Reports and Procedures.

In oral language, students will learn the skills necessary to give an engaging speech to an audience, such as using volume, expression, eye contact and body language.


Students in Grades 3 and 4 work in ability based groups for Number. This Term we will be learning about:


  • Recognising and representing Fractions.
  • Identifying equivalent fractions.
  • Locating fractions on a number line.
  • Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.


  • Recognise and represent decimal tenths, hundredths and thousandths.
  • Comparing and ordering decimal numbers.
  • Converting between fractions and decimals.
  • Locating decimal fractions on a number line.


  • Counting collections of coins and notes.
  • Adding money to calculate purchases.
  • Calculating change.
  • Budgeting.
  • Investigating money from other countries.

In other areas of maths, students will be learning about:

Mass, Volume and Capacity:

  • Choosing the correct unit of measurement.
  • Comparing and ordering measurements.
  • Converting between units of measurement.


  • Identifying right, acute and obtuse angles.
  • Using a protractor to measure and draw angles.


  • Interpreting and Creating pictographs and column graphs.



Our Term 3 theme for Inquiry is ‘Discovery’. Students in Grade 3 and 4 will be learning about ancient myths and legends. We will be looking predominantly at Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology. Students will learn about the beliefs of these ancient civilisations and the ways in which they continue to influence our society today.