Grade 5/6 look forward to an exceptionally busy term. Term 4 sees us exploring creativity and building on our business model from last term. Students will be analysing the things they consume and use and have been mass produced. They will be more discerning about the way things are marketed. They will be applying creative thinking to design and produce a product.

In Mathematics Number, we will be starting the term by developing students’ skills in identifying patterns in number. They will also be introduced to the knowledge required to solve algebraic equations. In preparation for Show Day students will be engaged in activities involving money. We will also revisit place value. Our last few weeks will be spent revising the referring to our data to revise skills that still need developing. In other areas of Mathematics, we will be investigating location and time. Areas such as geometric reasoning, statistics and probability will be revised later in the term.

We will continue with learning about writing features as part of our VOICES program. Our focus for this term is on informative texts. We will also give the students the opportunity to use their writing skills to tie in with various Inquiry ideas including writing about a resource we want at our school but don’t have. In our CAFÉ Reading program, we will put an emphasis on expanding student vocabulary and further extending their concept of comprehension with more complex texts.

Our Social and Emotional Learning will continue to focus on transition to secondary school for Grade 6’s and Grade 5’s role as a buddies to new Prep students next year.  We will continue to unpack our school values.  This term the emphasis will be on core values using the Bounce Back program including resilience, being responsible and dealing with new situations and experiences.

Students will continue to conduct research on different elements of Indonesian culture and language and represent their findings in a calendar.

We will once again teach Performing Arts as part of our classroom curriculum and involve students in dance, drama and music through a range of engaging, fun and educational games, activities and role plays!

This will be an eventful term that includes our school Show Day, using the knowledge gained form our Inquiry unit. Grade 6s will be preparing and participating in a range of transitional activities and ending the term with Graduation and a Big Day Out.

How you can help your child at home:

Play word games and practice spelling sorts.

Discuss current issues in the news.

Ensure your child reads daily. Look for opportunities for Maths activities in everyday situations eg. Sporting scores, cooking, using a map, calculating change after purchases at shops.

Additionally, Grade 6 parents can assist preparing students for transition to secondary school by being positive and discussing any concerns that your child may be feeling. Also ask questions about the Move On Up incursion that prepares Grade 6 for secondary school. This program is beginning 15/10/18 – 26/11/18.