Term 1 in Prep:

In Term 1, the Prep children will be learning the following:


CAFÉ Reading:

Learning reading behaviours: getting started straight away, reading the whole time, staying in 1 spot, reading quietly and building stamina.

Learning strategies: comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary. Individual strategies will be communicated via reading diaries. Children will be conferenced and will participate in strategy groups focussing on their individual strategies.

Letters and Sounds:


  • Learning the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence.
  • Sentence structure.
  • Using letter sound knowledge to write 3 letter words.
  • Independently writing 1 sentence.
  • Responding to picture prompts (‘Rocket Writing’).
  • Students will continue to focus on their individual writing goal and will be conferenced weekly in a small group.


Students will be explicitly taught the following:

  • Fluently counting forward and backwards starting at any number between 1-10.
  • Making numbers using materials such as playdough.
  • Reading numbers to 10.
  • Correctly forming letters.
  • Matching numerals with quantities, e.g. find the group that has 6 objects.
  • Representing simple financial situations that use money.
  • 2D shapes, e.g. common shapes and how many sides and corners they have.
  • Time, e.g. connecting days with familiar events, e.g. we have Science on Thursday.
  • Graphing – answering yes/no questions, recording information on a graph and analysing information.
  • Length, e.g. comparing the length of two objects, e.g. the pencil is longer than the eraser.
  • Weight, e.g. comparing the weight of different objects, e.g. the book is heavier than the feather.

Social/Emotional Learning:

  • Welcome to school.
  • Behaviour protocols.
  • School values.
  • Emotions and problem scale (how big is the problem?).
  • Being a good friend.
  • Playing with friends outside.
  • Including others.
  • Diversity in the community.
  • Being responsible.

Other areas:


  • Using a Chromebook safely for example, carrying it safely, sitting safely while using a Chromebook.
  • Logging in and out of the Chromebook.
  • Using the mousepad and keyboard.
  • Creating a new Google Doc.

Performing Arts:

Students will participate in dramatic play exploring ideas for characters and situations. They will use their voice, facial expressions, movement and space to imagine and improvise a range of characters and situations. Students will act out the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’



Students will investigate their likes and dislikes, their personal strengths and their similarities and differences. They will explore the different ways that we learn in the classroom and how we can support each other. Students will practise asking for help in different scenarios including inside and outside the classroom.