During the first weeks of Visual Arts in 2019 all students have engaged in discussions about the ways they may be able to demonstrate the school values in the Art room. We have discussed students’ rights and responsibilities in the Art room and how to use the Art room and equipment safely.

The Preps will begin the term with collage (cutting and sticking skills) and will be creating a collage of themselves in school uniform and

of ‘Elmer’ the elephant (a picture book character). They will then be focusing on drawing and painting for the remainder of the term. They will use a range of drawing materials including pencil, texta and oil pastel and will paint with both water block paints and acrylics.

The Grade 1/2 classes will begin the term creating ‘stained glass windows using cellophane. They will then go on with an artist study of ‘Wassily Kandinsky’ and each will contribute a painted piece focusing on painting smooth and concentric circles to a group ‘Kandinsky’ inspired artwork. Continuing on with painting skills they will work on the concept of tone and create some forest scenes using acrylic paint. They will finish the term using oil pastel to work on some abstract lions and look at perspective to create an ANZAC day tribute.

The students in the Grade 3/4 classes will begin the term creating scratch art aboriginal inspired animals and in the coming weeks these will become the centerpiece for dot paintings. They will work with oil pastel to create life drawings of big cats (leopards etc.) They will use water colour paints to create paintings of fireflies and finish the term doing metal embossing to create an ANZAC day tribute.

The Grade 5/6 classes will begin the term using water colour and acrylic paints to create a ‘four season tree’. They will be studying Mexican art where they will create ‘Day of the Dead’ metal embossed sugar skulls. (Students that have seen the movie ‘Coco’ will be able to make links from the movie to the art we will create). They will also be creating an ANZAC Day tribute.

All students are asked to please bring a named art smock to school to cover their clothing. All grades will be participating in messy activities that have the potential to stain clothing!