The Year 5/6 students have had a nice slow ease into the term with Easter Monday, ANZAC Day and Curriculum Day.

Our school captains did an excellent job running our ANZAC Assembly during week 1 and our Grade 5/6 students presented some outstanding examples of their poetry as tribute to our fallen soldiers.

Our trained CAFE parent advocates begin this term, we welcome them and look forward to working together in the classroom.

Week 5 brings NAPLAN for our Grade 5 students. We have been busy exploring the many features of the assessments and have attempted to answer some of the example questions during class time and as set homework.

Education Week spans across week 5 with our Open Night on Wednesday, 22nd May. We hope to see lots of familiar faces that night, where we look forward to celebrating our learning.

In Mathematics, we are beginning with Patterns and Algebra and then further investigating the four operations using money and financial matters. Ms Harman is continuing with her Maths Olympiad and we are exploring units of measure through our Backyard Maths project.

This term’s Inquiry focuses on the concept of ‘Sustainability’. The unit aims to give students insight into their actions and the impact they have on the sustainability of our world. Students will gain an understanding of how scientific and geographic thinking can impact on sustainable practices.

And everyone’s favourite program ‘Family Life’ has begun. Our students will participated in 3 sessions over 3 weeks where they will learn all about adolescence and fundamental emotional and social development issues.