For the first part of Term 2 focus in the art room for the Preps will be painting skills. They will be painting several pictures focusing on holding the brush correctly, brush strokes and even application of paint. They will also be doing some paint flicking using toothbrushes and using their fingerprints in an artwork. Later in the term we will using modelling clay to create 3D sculptures.

The Grade 1/2 classes will be painting, printing and using modelling clay this term. They will experiment with using everyday objects such a Lego pieces, bubble wrap and cardboard tubes as printing tools. They will be using modelling clay to create 3D sculptures and we will be working on manipulation and joining techniques.

The students in the Grade 3/4 classes will begin the term using dry pastels to try and create realistic images of bubbles. They will then move onto a unit on life drawing of big cat faces (tigers, leopards etc.) using oil pastel. They will then be looking at Aboriginal art and will revisit their scratch art zentangle animal artworks from Term 1. They will use these as the centrepiece for a dot painting piece.

The Grade 5/6 classes will begin the term creating armature wire sculptures. They will then be doing a unit of work focusing on the Mexican tradition ‘Día de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) and will be making metal embossed skulls. I encourage students who have not seen the Disney Pixar movie ‘Coco’ (rated PG) to consider watching this as it links in very well with this unit. They will then be working with ink to create ink blowing pictures.