This Term, Preps are celebrating one of our favourite days 100 days of being at school.

In Reading this Term, we will be consolidating some strategies and learning some brand-new ones. Each week we will be looking at different comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary strategies. This Term, we will have a larger focus on comprehension strategies.

Comprehension strategies covered this term:

  • Recalling facts and details.
  • Understanding plot, setting and characters.
  • Drawing conclusion and making inferences.
  • Making text to self-connections.
  • Distinguishing between real life and make believe.

Accuracy strategies covered this term:

  • Looking at the picture for clues.
  • Blending and stretching.
  • Skipping the word and keep reading.
  • Cross checking.

Fluency strategies covered this term:

  • Reading with enthusiasm.
  • Paying attention to punctuation.
  • Using phrasing.

Expanded vocabulary strategies covered this term:

  • Tuning into interesting words.
  • Asking someone the meaning of a word.

In Writing, we will be looking at 2 different writing genres, persuasive texts and information reports. We will also be looking at including a range of different nouns, adjectives and verbs to help improve our writing. Capital letters and punctuation marks will continue to be a focus throughout the term. We will be having daily handwriting practise to help us form our letters correctly using dotted thirds.

In Spelling, we will be continuing the SMART spelling program. On Mondays, we participate in a shared experience that links to our word of the week (a craft, dance, activity). On Tuesdays, we practise our handwriting of our word of the week with a strong focus on the graph or digraph that we are concentrating on.  Wednesdays, we build different words using the graph or digraph of the week. On Thursdays, we practise writing our sentence of the week and on Fridays we complete a dictation of our sentence and correct this as a group.

In Maths, we will continue to look at different areas of Number, Measurement and Statistics these include:

  • Place value (Matching number names and numerals, subitising, addition and subtraction and sharing).
  • Money and financial maths.
  • Time (Connecting days of the week to familiar events, comparing the duration of completing different activities, using an analogue clock to read and draw time to the hour).
  • Statistics (conducting surveys by asking yes/no questions, creating data displays to represent data collected).


In Inquiry this Term, we are exploring how things change. We will be looking at how our community has changed over the years, how people change over the course of their lives and how animals and plants change.

In Performing Arts this Term, students will be preparing for our Whole School Production. Practising their dance moves and their transitions on and off the stage. We look forward to showing you A Bug’s Life.