This Term, Preps are exploring fairy tales and the different ways that we can be creative. We will be looking at the different features of fairy tales and how we can change them. Our excursion this term is to Chesterfield Farm where students will be looking at different animals that are in some of our favourite fairy tales.

In Reading this Term, we will be consolidating some strategies and learning some brand-new ones. Each week we will be looking at different comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary strategies. This Term, we will have a larger focus on comprehension strategies.

Comprehension strategies we will be covering this term:

  • Recognising cause and effect.
  • Comparing and contrasting.
  • Making text to self connections.
  • Making text to text connections.
  • Finding the meaning of the word using context from the text.

Accuracy strategies we will be covering this term:

  • Chunking and blending.
  • Flipping the sound.
  • Guessing or trading the word.
  • Cross checking.

Fluency strategies we will be covering this term:

  • Reading with enthusiasm.
  • Using phrasing.
  • Paying attention to punctuation.
  • Emphasising certain words (bold, italics, underlined words).

Expanded vocabulary strategies covered this term:

  • Tuning into interesting words.
  • Asking someone what the word means.
  • Using a dictionary to define words.
  • Using a glossary to define words.

In Writing, we will be using our creativity to write about many different ideas and topics in the form of narratives, recounts and letters. On some occasions students will choose which text type they would like to write. We will also be looking a range of nouns, adjectives and verbs to help make our writing more interesting. Punctuation including full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks and question marks will continue to be a focus throughout the term. Students will be editing their writing throughout the term by underline words they unsure how to spell, circling their punctuation, drawing a squiggly line underneath their magic words to help improve their writing. We will be having daily handwriting practise to help us form our letters correctly using dotted thirds.

In Spelling, we will be continuing the SMART spelling program. On Mondays, we participate in a shared experience that links to our word of the week (a craft, dance, activity). On Tuesdays, we practise our handwriting of our word of the week with a strong focus on the graph or digraph that we are concentrating on and build different words with those spelling patterns. On Thursdays, we practise writing our sentence of the week and on Fridays we complete a dictation of our sentence and correct this as a group.

In Maths, we will continue to look at different areas of Number, Measurement and Statistics these include:

  • Place value (comparing numbers, ordering and making numbers using different materials).
  • Addition and subtraction (using strategies such as counting on, using a number line, using concrete materials to solve addition and subtraction equations).
  • Money and financial maths.
    Location and transformation (using maps to give and follow instructions to get to certain places).
  • Sharing (making equal groups of objects and finding if there are any remainders, determining what the division equation would be after sharing a group of objects).
  • Patterns and algebra (Making a variety of patterns using materials, skip counting, using numbers to make patterns).
  • Shape (finding 3D shapes in the environment, describing the features of different shapes including their sides and corners)
  • Units of measurement (finding the length of an object using informal units such as counters, ordering objects based on their length).
  • Statistics (conducting surveys by asking yes/no questions, creating data displays to represent data collected).

In Performing Arts this Term, students will be looking at emotions and how we can portray them using our bodies.

In ICT this Term, students will be focussing on how to create Google Slideshows, changing themes, inserting text and images. They will also be using the BeaBots to learn some coding.