This term the Preps will be working in collaborative groups to design their ‘perfect city’. They will experiment with different types of clay to develop their 3D sculpture skills particularly joining clay together. They will use modelling clay to create sculptures of the book character ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and work with air dry clay to sculpt ceramic stars. Students will practise their observational drawing skills by creating life drawings of plants.

The Grade 1s and 2s will continue to work on their manipulation and sculpture skills to create modelling clay sculptures of roses and ceramic owls. They will use scratch art paper to draw zentangle designs on animal shapes. Students will use oil pastel to draw 3D looking trees focusing on the skills of shading and blending.

The Grade 3s and 4s will be studying the artworks of the Spanish artist Joan Miro. They will use his works as inspiration to create their own Miro inspired foam mono prints. Students will continue to work on their manipulation and sculpture skills by sculpting a ceramic flatware bird. They will use embossing tools to emboss a metal dragonfly.

The Grade 5s and 6s will be studying traditional Maori art. They will be looking at the artwork of the New Zealand artist Raewyn Harris. They will use her artwork to create glass ‘koru’ stones. Students will be experimenting with stencils and spray paint techniques. They will cut their own stencil and used this as the centrepiece for their own spray paint artwork on paper or a skateboard.