This year is going by so fast! Welcome back to Term 4, what a busy time of the year we have ahead. We will be having ‘Show Day’ in Week 5 Friday 8th November so keep an eye out for donation requests coming your way soon. Then of course we say goodbye to our Grade 6’s at GraduationL.

Our Reading sessions will have a whole class focus on expanding vocabulary and interpreting figurative language, making connections to self, the world and other texts and continuing to practise fluency and phrasing. We will be using our class Mentor text which links to our Inquiry unit to continue practising finding the main Idea and identifying the author’s purpose.

When writing students will continue to work on our SCRIPTS Writing Program focusing on increasing writing stamina through the genres of descriptive writing, poetry and recounts. Students will continue to work on their own writing pieces and use feedback from the teachers to set writing goals for the term. During Grammar sessions, students will revise nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, direct and indirect speech, punctuation and paragraphing.

In Number and Algebra students will continue to extend their knowledge of Patterns and Algebra and Place Value. We will continue to work on money and financial through the classroom economy, earning wages for school attendance and extra jobs in the classroom and paying fines for incomplete work. We will then finish off the year revising the links between fractions and decimals.

In Measurement and Geometry, students will learn about using units of measurement, location and transformation, geometric reasoning and statistics and probability by graphing results collected on the computer.

In our Inquiry sessions we will focus on the topic ‘Bizarre Bazaar’. Students will complete investigations into market research, advertising and the production process and use creative thinking when planning, designing, building and improving their tasks.

If you have any question about our weekly program please contact your child’s teacher.