This term in Prep we have begun learning about the routines of school life with the help of our 5/6 buddies. We have been busy making plenty of new friends and meeting all of our new teachers through touring the school. This has helped Prep students to know their environment and how to be safe inside the school grounds. Through our ‘Ready to Learn’ program students will be encouraged to express their emotions and set themselves up for a positive day at school through a range of short and fun activities.

Students will be introduced to the routines of our CAFÉ Reading Program by concentrating on ‘Read to self’ and ‘Read to someone’ while learning new reading strategies. In Writing, students are engaging in Narre Warren North Primary School’s ‘SCRIPTS’ Writing program. From day one of Prep students will be immersed in our Phonics program which lets them experience a different letter each day and help master the sounds of that letter and how it is used in spoken words. We also have fun experiences for each letter that students will partake in.

Prep Maths lessons are designed to be fun, hands on and relate to the real world. This term we are focusing on place value, learning numbers 1 to 10, counting forwards and backwards using concrete materials.

Students will be introduced to Chromebooks and will practise logging on and using them safely.

Performing Arts in Term 1 will see student learn to sing the Australian National Anthem so that we can join in confidently during school assemblies.

Prep students will participate in a range of specialist subjects – AUSLAN, Science, Art and PE. They will also be going to the Library every week to borrow a book for them to take home and share with their family.

Inquiry in Term 1 is about ‘Our Community’. We will learn how to respect and help others in the community. We will learn about ‘persistence’ and how a ‘growth mindset’ can support our learning. Students will learn how to be good listeners and the benefits of listening to each other. We will be having an incursion when a ‘Community Member’ visits our school to tell us about their job in the community. The students will be asking planned questions and practising their listening skills.

Prep Teachers, parents and students will enjoy a family Prep BBQ on 21st February.

We communicate regularly between home and school to help best cater to the students individual needs and encourage ‘high expectations’.

We look forward to an exciting learning journey in 2020.