During the first weeks of Visual Arts in 2020 all students will engage in discussions about the ways they may be able to demonstrate the school values in the Art room. We will discuss students’ rights and responsibilities in the Art room and how to use the Art room and equipment safely.

A focus for all students from Prep to Year 6 in Term 1 will be the ongoing bushfires sweeping across our country. All students will be creating bushfire based art as a tribute to the firefighters and to the people and wildlife that have had their homes destroyed and have lost their lives as a result of this disaster. We will be selling this artwork and the funds raised will go towards bushfire fundraising efforts. Look out for the displays of this work around the school later in the term.

The Preps will begin the term with collage (cutting and sticking skills) and will be creating a collage of themselves in school uniform and of ‘Elmer’ the elephant (a picture book character). They will then be focusing on drawing and painting for the remainder of the term. They will use a range of drawing materials and will paint with both water block paints and acrylics.

The Grade 1/2 classes will be focussing on painting skills. They will experiment with using water paint, acrylic and ink. They will be doing an artist study of the artist ‘Claude Monet’.

The students in the Grade 3/4 classes will be focussing on drawing and painting this term. They will use watercolour, acrylic and ink. Students will be involved in creating a large cooperative group artwork. They will be looking at Japanese art and experimenting with ink blowing.

The Grade 5/6 classes will be creating a group foil based abstract art piece. They will then be doing a unit of work based on ‘steampunk’. If you have any old cogs or nuts and bolts spare send them in for us to use!

All students are asked to please bring a named art smock to school to cover their clothing. All grades will be participating in messy activities that have the potential to stain clothing!