Welcome back to a new year of learning!

The Year 5/6 students have quickly settled back into the new school year with our focus on our school rules and expectations. Students are being encouraged to come to school with an open mind, a willingness to try new things and always endeavouring to do their best.

We have been starting each day with ‘Ready to Learn’ activities aimed at building relationships, confidence and preparing for the learning throughout the day. These activities range from circle time and small group discussions, games and puzzles to movement activities such as dance, yoga and drama.

During our Reading sessions students we will be working on building reading stamina, revising strategies for choosing appropriate texts (IPick) and working on CAFÉ reading strategies.

This term in Writing we are studying ‘Narrative’ texts to entertain the reader and encourage students to use their imaginations. We will also be focusing on ‘Persuasives’ texts that are designed to convince a reader to a particular point of view. We will learn how to state an opinion then use supporting arguments. For spelling we will continue to work on the SMART spelling focusing on specific blends and digraphs each week.

In Mathematics, we are beginning with Place Value to ensure students have a sound understanding of whole and decimals numbers. We will explore fraction and decimal, units of measurement, statistics and probability, graphing and data.

This term’s Inquiry is ‘Making Democracy’. This unit looks at the three levels of government, how governments and elections are run, running a debate and the difference between rules and law.

The Year 5 and 6 students have enjoyed beginning the Buddy Program. Each student is paired with a Prep student to assist them in their first few weeks of school.