Welcome to Narre Warren North Primary School

Narre Warren North Primary School is located in a developing, yet semi-rural setting within the City of Casey. We have an extremely supportive community with high levels of family involvement. We are committed to maximising the educational opportunities for all students and we aim to help all children reach their full potential.  Student welfare is recognised as vital for productive learning and our comprehensive Social Skill program enables students to take responsibility for their learning, while developing life-long skills.  Striving for continuous improvement and living each day according to our shared values is the challenge we have adopted for ourselves.


Narre Warren North Primary School aims to inspire and encourage all children in their learning in order to reach their full potential and develop skills for life-long learning.

“I like to read non-fiction books because they teach me about real things not fake things” – Josiah


Narre Warren North Primary School is a supportive learning community where all students are motivated and challenged to take responsibility for their own learning.

‘When I’m with my buddy and his friends I need to show good leadership and choices so they follow my directions. This is how I can be a good buddy.’ 


Narre Warren North Primary follow a set of values to ensure all students build a positive attitude to learning. Acceptance; Enthusiasm; Respect; Resilience; Co-operation; Honesty; Responsibility.

‘I felt proud when I received a social skills award about being respectful because I didn’t think I was doing anything special as this is what I just do all the time.’

Narre Warren North’s 5 Golden Rules

Last year, the students were involved in helping to develop new school rules for Narre Warren North. Each class was asked to nominate rules they thought were important to our school. These rules were collected and collated by the Student Wellbeing team, who were able to create 5 rules based on the student’s ideas. They were also asked to vote for the name of the rules, with the most popular name being Narre Warren North’s Golden Rules.

We Play And Learn Safely.

We Respect People And Property

We Speak Kindly To Others

We Do Our Best. 

We Support Others. 

Our School News


by Shalisa

 I touch the footy ground as I followed the umpire. The crowd goes wild as Abbey and Shalisa  kicks a goal. I felt the rushing down my skin it feels like freedom. My body fills with excitement as we start the game. I couldn’t believe that I was touching the ball. I’ve got into lots of tackles but this one was the worst. People rushed against me. As we walked into the change rooms everyone was clapping and cheering. We had the best time EVER!!!!!!!!!

AFL Grid Game

We were very fortunate to be able to take a group of 12 students from Grade 2 and 3 to participate in the half-time Grid game during St Kilda V Geelong on Saturday 22nd August at  Etihad Stadium. Once we received notice of all the students who were interested in participating in this event, 12 lucky students were drawn out of a hat and went on to have a sensational time! Here’s what the students had to say:

The AFL Grid Game was amazing.  Firstly we got to watch the game St Kilda vs Geelong. We got some really good seats. St Kilda was winning. Then we had to go to the change rooms and we got separated into two teams, black and red. They provided socks, shorts and a jumper. We started walking down the ramps to the field. Bbbbrrrrnnn the siren went and so we went on the field. IT WAS SO EXITING AND FUN!!!!! The teams were even, goals went in fast. Next thing you know, the siren went off. We walked  to the change rooms to change. Then up ramps to get to level 3. We met our parents and then we got some food. It was the best day ever.

By Aidan & Jemma

Term 3 Enrichment

During Term 3 students in Grades 3 and 4 took part in a Design, Construction and Technology project which they chose for themselves.

Students worked on the following projects.

Tameika and Jessica – Model of the main characters-the dragon  and the little girl- Lisa from the story- “Adventurous Girl in an Enchanted Forest”

Chloe and Gemma – Gymnastics apparatus model.

Layla – Model of a netball court

Sara – Research project on Karate

Mia and Jordyn – Model of a Tennis court

Laura – Poetry writing

James – Model of a Football Field

Brodie and Oliver – Model and computer game called “Dessert Death”

Jett – Created a game called “Atomic Destroyer”

Harrison – Created a game called “Death Valley”

Seth – Created a Game in Cyber XI 3D Editor

“This is the best thing ever”- Layla
“It takes fun to a whole new level” – Brodie
“I enjoyed creating poems” – Laura
“I found it very challenging “ – Seth
“It was fun because I got to make models of sport that I love.” – James
“It’s really fun- it takes you into a whole different world” – Harrison

Education Week

Education Week (week beginning 18th May 2015) was celebrated at Narre Warren North Primary School with a focus on Reading and Sustainability.

Our students participated in fun and interesting activities that engaged them in the joy of reading. Students investigated how to look after our world through ‘hands on’ tasks.  They used books such as ‘The Lorax’ to assist with their understanding of sustainability.  Students also participated in a Book Character Parade to bring their favourite books to life.

The day turned out to be better than expected! Favourite book characters were brought to life by enthusiastic people and creative costumes. During the parade there was dancing, laughter and happiness, a true reflection of our school community. Parents, students and staff are to be congratulated on the effort that was put into making this day so fun and special. Let’s continue to celebrate reading. After all, “The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” – Dr Seuss.

Divisional Swimming

On Wednesday 11th March 16 students from Grade 3 to 6 competed at the Divisional Swimming Carnival at Noble Park. One of our students, who was so dedicated to swimming with his relay team, that he went to the pool and competed and then had to quickly drive off to the hospital for a planned procedure! All students can feel very proud of their efforts in all their events: Kelsey T (Butterfly and Backstroke), James C (Breaststroke), Brody T (Backstroke), Mercedes C (Backstroke), Jayden B (Breaststroke),  9/10 years  Boys (Brody T, Jayden B, James C and Nathan M) and Girls (Chloe T, Dakota K, Jessica O, Annabelle S) relay and the 11 years Girls (Emma Z, Kelsey T, Mercedes C and Rachel C) and Boys (Wyatt K, Sharna-Lee D, Dominic M and Brodie H) relay teams. At this level students need to finish in first place to qualify to go through to the next level and I would like to wish Kelsey T the best of luck in her Butterfly event at the Regional Swimming Carnival held on 26th March.  A special mention to the 11 years girls relay and Kelsey T (Backstroke) for finishing second!! So close girls!! There is always next year!!

Miss Yue


On Monday 25th May, 9 students from our school participated in the Divisional Cross Country Carnival held in Pakenham. It’s a huge achievement for students who qualify to run at this level, as essentially they have placed in the top 10 in their age group out of hundreds of students in this local area. I think for students who competed on the day, they should feel incredibly proud of themselves as it’s a huge achievement just to get to that level! Congratulations to the following students: Jessica B, Dominic M, Dakota K, Nadia A, Lachlan O, Wyatt K, Rachel C and Kelsey T. A special mention to our local running sensation Amber C – who finished a stylish second and will now compete at the Regional Cross Country Carnival on 15th June. Best of luck Amber!
Miss Yue .