Social Skills

Our School Values: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Persistence and Honesty

Here at Narre Warren North Primary School, we put the wellbeing of our students first by incorporating opportunities for Social and Emotional Learning into our programs. We have 5 Golden Rules that were created by our students and are the foundation to our behaviour management expectations.

  1. We play and learn safely
  2. We respect people and property
  3. We speak kindly to others
  4. We do our best
  5. We support others

We have a behaviour management program that is consistent across our whole school. Each classroom and specialist area have the same protocols displayed so that our students have a clear understanding of expectations here at NWNPS. Our Behaviour Management Plan centres on positive reinforcement and by providing students with the opportunity to make better choices ensures they are equipped with the skills for lifelong learning.

Explicit Social/Emotional Skills lessons are taught from Prep to Year 6 on a weekly basis. Circle Time is used for open discussion about student wellbeing. Feedback is gained from students about their social and emotional needs to ensure relevant skills are taught. Students have opportunities to practise their social and emotional learning in safe classroom environments, where we have created a culture of celebrating mistakes and demonstrating Growth Mindset across all areas of the curriculum. Students practise mindfulness daily through mindful colouring, meditation, manipulating different materials and resources that vary from level to level. During lunchtime, students have the opportunity to play in the Play Pod or join lunch clubs. These spaces and programs have been designed to engage students in creative play and work to allow students to practise their social and emotional skills in authentic situations.

Ready To Learn (RTL)

Ready To Learn is an initiative introduced at Narre Warren North Primary School with the intention of teaching students to self-regulate their emotional needs. At the beginning of each day, students and teachers engage in a circle time to discuss various topics about wellbeing. Students then move on to participate in a quick whole class activity designed to give students a positive start to their learning. Each classroom has a ‘Ready To Learn Zone’ containing mindfulness activities that have been chosen by teachers and students. Students are able to use this space and the resources at any time throughout the day for 5 minutes to assist them to calm their emotions and return to learning.

Friday Bonus Play

Friday Bonus Play is an initiative Narre Warren North Primary School introduced in Term 4 2018. Friday Bonus Play is a structured 30 minutes of extra playtime scheduled fortnightly on a Friday afternoon. Bonus Play is a terrific opportunity for all teachers to run an activity or game where they are actively involved with the students. This is an opportunity for students across all year levels to play together and form positive relationships. Friday Bonus Play is a reward for all of the students who follow our school rules and uphold our expectations throughout the fortnight.

Behaviour Matrix

At Narre Warren North Primary School we want all students to have the opportunity to do their best in the classroom and yard. We know that behaviour has an impact on student learning and work hard to ensure that all students know and understand the school rules, values and expectations.

At the beginning of each year teachers revise the schools Values, 5 Golden rules and overarching expectations of being respectful, safe and responsible. In classrooms students brainstorm what the rules look like and the consequences for breaking the rules.

The ensure there is consistency across the school staff, with feedback from students and parents, have written a behaviour matrix that lists the definitions and examples of unacceptable behaviour ranging from Minor to Moderate, Major and Severe and the related consequences that will be completed if a behaviour occurs.

Chaplaincy Program

Our Chaplain, Graeme Mill

Chaplaincy is a Christian Ministry under the C.H.I.P.S. (Christians Helping In Primary Schools). It is relational in nature and builds bridges of trust, confidence and competency among students, staff and parents.

Chaplaincy has at its core Pastoral Care. It involves a mixture of pastoral care, counselling, nurturing, teaching and support.

Chaplaincy at NWNPS is seen as an excellent addition to our schools wellbeing programs and is funded by the School. Narre Warren North Primary School consults the school community annually to gain feedback regarding Chaplaincy. This is done through a whole school survey.


What does Narre Warren North Primary School’s Chaplaincy offer?

Chaplaincy provides a resource that helps to help meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of students, staff and parents. This includes care and acceptance to all, regardless of race, gender, religious or cultural background.

Chaplaincy provides an educational resource for teachers in the classroom.

Chaplaincy provides support for children who need help dealing with grief and loss, divorce, fears, behavioural problems, low self esteem and relationship issues.

Chaplaincy provides a safe environment for people to share with someone who will listen.

Chaplaincy provides assistance in times of crisis.

It also provides opportunities for weekend and day away activities.

How do children benefit from Chaplaincy?
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • One to one referral sessions
  • Support group sessions
  • Building self esteem and hope
  • Games, art and teaching activities.
How can I access the Chaplain’s services?

Should you feel that your child may benefit from the Chaplaincy service please speak to the classroom teacher or Assistant Principal. Narre Warren North Primary School Chaplaincy currently operates two days per week. Support may be provided for a single session or for a period of time at no cost to the parent/guardian. It is a voluntary service and as such parents opt in. If at any time a parent decides that they do not wish for their child to continue in the program they will need to notify the school.

The student/Chaplain session may take place during class time or during lunch hour out of the classroom with teacher and parent permission.

The Chaplain is available for informal chats to discuss any issues of concern to support students and can be contacted through the School Office. At times the school may deem that other support services, such as a psychologist or guidance officer, may be a more appropriate service and will communicate this to parents.

Chaplaincy is a Christian Ministry under C.H.I.P.S. (Christians Helping In Primary Schools). It is relational in nature and builds bridges of trust, confidence and competency among students, staff and parents.
Chaplaincy has at its core Pastoral Care. It involves a mixture of pastoral care, counselling, nurturing, teaching and support.
Chaplaincy is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

Please direct any feedback regarding the Chaplaincy program to the Principal or Assistant Principal.

CyberSafety / Anti Bullying

Every student at Narre Warren North Primary School is required to read and sign an Internet Agreement at the beginning of each year. This outlines important safety information about using the Internet. Cybersafety lessons are explicitly taught from Prep to Year 6 and are reinforced throughout the year. Students also engage in Digital Technologies lessons where they investigate different online programs that strengthen their learning experiences. Our students created guidelines of responsible Internet and Chromebook use and ensure they demonstrate sensible use of technology based on their understanding from our Cybersafety and Digital Technology lessons.