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Narre Warren North Primary School

Narre Warren North Primary School is located in a developing, yet semi-rural setting within the City of Casey. We have an extremely supportive community with high levels of family involvement. We are committed to maximising the educational opportunities for all students and we aim to help all children reach their full potential. Student welfare is recognised as vital for productive learning and our comprehensive Social Skill program enables students to take responsibility for their learning, while developing life-long skills. Striving for continuous improvement and living each day according to our shared values is the challenge we have adopted for ourselves.


Narre Warren North Primary School is a supportive learning community where all students are motivated and challenged to take responsibility for their own learning


Narre Warren North Primary School prepares young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community. We aim to prepare students to live in a dynamic 21st century in which creativity, cooperative work, connectedness to the world and adaptability are key features.


Narre Warren North Primary follow a set of values to ensure all students build a positive attitude to learning. Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Persistence and Honesty

Student Testimonials

“When I’m with my buddy and his friends I need to show good leadership and choices so they follow my directions. This is how I can be a good buddy”

Grade 6 student

“I love Narre Warren North PS because we learn so much from the amazing teachers. To me this school means so much! I couldn’t imagine a better school!”


“I felt proud when I received a social skills award about being respectful because I didn’t think I was doing anything special as this is what I just do all the time”

Grade 4 student

Narre Warren North’s 5 Golden Rules

The students were involved in helping to develop new school rules for Narre Warren North. Each class was asked to nominate rules they thought were important to our school. These rules were collected and collated by the Student Wellbeing team, who were able to create 5 rules based on the student’s ideas. They were also asked to vote for the name of the rules, with the most popular name being Narre Warren North’s Golden Rules.

We Play And Learn Safely

We Respect People And Property

We Speak Kindly To Others

We Do Our Best

We Support Others