On Friday the 24th August, the Junior School Council organised a special day where you could wear ‘Rainbow and Sunflower Colours’ in support of Mrs Lindsay Kennedy (a past teacher) who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Her choice of charity is the McGrath Foundation. All the money raised on the day will be donated to the foundation. The JSC and school community are very grateful for all the donations as this was the best fundraising effort Narre Warren North has made.

The theme ‘Rainbows and Sunflowers’ comes from Mrs Kennedy, as when she is feeling sad or having a bad day, she thinks of these things and it makes her feel a bit happier.

It was fabulous to have so many children dress up in beautiful bright colours. This was a real treat for Mrs Kennedy who visited for morning tea and had a photograph with the children before returning to class. Thank you to everyone who made the effort.