School News

Open Afternoon

The students of Narre Warren North showcased their artistic skills for both performing arts and visual arts during open afternoon. Lots of colour was used to express their artistic skills and imaginations.whilst lots of fun was had during the performing arts songs,...

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Prep News

Inquiry Term 3

This term, the Preps are exploring the different types of materials that make up their world. Investigating the different materials and the way they feel, look and move. During Week 1, the Prep students looked and felt different materials and came up with a range of...

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Buddies Term 3 2018

This term, the Preps and their buddies are working on a project creating their very own Fairy tale. They have chosen from the following Fairy tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. They have used their imagination to...

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Prep – Term 3 2018

Term 3 in Prep: In Term 3, the Prep children will be learning the following: English: CAFÉ Reading: Learning strategies: comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary. Individual strategies will be communicated via reading diaries. Children will be...

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Healesville Excursion

On Tuesday 12th June, the Preps ventured out to Healesville Sanctuary to visit the native animals of Australia. With our raincoats packed just in case, we braved the cold winds and darken skies to see the cuddly koalas, spikey echidnas, cheeky Tasmanian devils and...

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Grandparents/Special Friend Morning 2018

We had an amazing time showing our Grandparents and Special Friends around our school. We used foam people to make a picture of ourselves, which look awesome in the corridor. We also really enjoyed taking them to the Book Fair to have a look and buy some new books....

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Mother’s Day Afternoon 2018

We had a wonderful time spoiling our mothers during our Mother’s Day afternoon. We gave them a spa treatment, painted their nails and gave them a massage. We also enjoyed decorating cookies and taking silly photos at the Photo booth. Thank you, Mums, for coming we had...

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Grade 1/2 News

Grade 1/2 – Term 3 2018

Inquiry Topic Focus for Term 3 – Where do things come from? Big concepts and questions: Where do resources come from and how much is involved in getting them processed? Do we need these things or want these things? How do our wants effect our world? What do we want to...

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Life Education Van

The grade 1 and 2 children had a great time in the Life Education Van. they learned lots about their bodies and how to look after it. The students also discussed feelings and how to look after their own wellbeing. Thee students look forward to learning new things from...

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Coal Creek Excursion

The students had a fantastic time at Coal Creek. We learned all about the past and how things have changed from then until now. We looked at an olden day school and realised how things have really changed. Luckily there is no cane anymore and boys and girls can sit...

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Grade 1/2 Term 2 2018

Inquiry Topic Focus for Term 2 – Change When we are curious about our past we find out things that help us understand the way we live now. Students will be more aware of the impact of the past on their present and future lives. They will be more prepared to question...

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Grade 3/4 News

Grade 3/4 – Term 3 2018

Grade 3 and 4 English Students in Grades 3 and 4 will continue to build their reading stamina through the C.A.F.É Reading Program with Read to Self and Read to Someone. We will revisit the skills of being an effective coach through Read to Someone. Students will be...

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Grade 3/4 Term 2 2018

English During Term 2, students from Grades 3 and 4 have continued to build reading stamina through the CAFÉ Reading Program. Each CAFÉ sessions are broken into read to self or read to someone, explicit teaching and a follow up activity. Students also work in small...

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Grade 3/4 Term 1 2018

English Students in Grades 3 and 4 have been practising hard this term to build their reading stamina through the CAFÉ Reading Program. They have developed good reading behaviours when reading to self or someone. Students have been introduced to a range of reading...

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Grade 5/6 News

Grade 5/6 – Term 3 2018

Grade 5/6 look forward to another exciting term! Term 3 sees us investigating business ideas and creating budgets through the Connections unit ‘Data & Decisions’. Students will be exploring the difference between needs and wants, types of resources we have and how we...

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Grade 5/6 Term 2 2018

Beginning Term 2, the 5/6 cohort is exploring a new Writing program called VOICES. This program focuses on the individual elements of Writing which are categorised into 6 headings; Voice, Organisation, Ideas, Conventions, Excellent Word Choice and Sentence Fluency. We...

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Grade 5/6 Term 1 2018

Welcome to 2018 Grade 5 and 6 have hit the ground running this year! We are already working in Streamed Maths Groups for Place Value. This has involved students reading, writing, organising and comparing numbers. Our next topic for Maths will be Addition and...

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Visual Arts

Art – Term 3

Term 3 This term we will be focussing on improving drawing, collage and painting skills. Our foundation students will be learning about layering papers and creating collages while improving cutting and fine motor skills. It will be back to the basics, with the...

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Visual Arts Term 2 2018

This term we have a lot of exciting projects coming up. Our foundation students will be working on repetition and patterns, using different tools and paint to create images. We will be off to the circus in class, creating unique clown collages and painted lions. Maybe...

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Visual Arts Term 1 2018

This term we are creating a giant communal art piece- consisting of a garden collage of textile sewing pieces. Each student in the school will add pieces to the giant art work over the year. Many students are already working with clay to create underwater sea...

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Physical Education

Physical Education – Term 3

The aim in Physical Education is for students to be actively involved in sport and to have the skills required to participate in a fun and supportive environment. In order to achieve this, students at Narre Warren North Primary focus directly on the fundamental motor...

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Science – Term 3

Term 3 Science In Term 3 we will be focusing on Chemical Science. This term students will get to be involved in a range of hands on experiments. They will mix together a variety of different chemicals, make predictions and observe how they change once they are mixed....

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Technology Lunchtime Club

The lunch time technology club started this term. Many of the students have participated in using technology to create. They have made electronic circuits with working lights, fans and motors. In Term 3 we will use coding in our lunch time club. Students will be able...

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Science Term 2 2018

In Term 2 in Science students are learning Earth and Space Science. Prep, Grade one and Grade 2 are learning about changes in the sky. This includes weather, the seasons the phases of the Moon and the stars. Preps created windmills to show the wind moving. Grade 1 and...

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Garden News

National Plant a Tree Day

Last Friday 27th of July the Environmental Club participated in National Tree Day. We planted 2 apples trees in our vegie garden, one red and one green. Our Environmental Leaders and the Environmental Club dug holes, carried compost and planted both trees. We are...

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Term 2, 2018

Winter is coming. The Environmental Club have been hard at work planting spinach, rocket, lettuce and carrots. They have also been weeding, watering and moving soil for more planting. Exciting news the spinach and lettuce are beginning to sprout. The mandarin tree is...

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